Meeting Efficiency

Meeting Efficiency


TribeScribe is the free, dynamic and more powerful way to run great meetings with anyone – most importantly, it enables you to improve meeting efficiency.

Drop the email threads, the back and forth using clunky excel or word docs for your meetings. TribeScribe lets you manage, facilitate and collaborate on everything about, in and around your meeting in a single place. It evens helps to measure reliability of your attendees!

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This is the TribeScribe Meeting Work-space.  One place to guide, facilitate, capture and manage effective meetings.

Meeting Efficiency



Create agenda topics and add notes, decisions, attendee commitments that are created as the meeting makes progress.

Manage attendance by simply clicking the attendees names as they walk in, TribeScribe time stamps attendance for you. You can add and reorder agenda topics as the meeting progresses or as you need.

TribeScribe helps you to facilitate great meetings.


A clean and simple work space.

The meeting work space provides a single place for you and your team to collaborate and capture all the things relevant in a meeting – key discussion outcomes, actions items and commitments, decisions and ideas.

TribeScribe provides a simple way to capture attendance, the moment folks walk in the door or log on to the call.  With a simple click, you capture not only that the individual has joined the meeting, but you also capture the time that they joined.  The attendance feature also enables quick reference for an attendee’s email or other contact information for in-meeting collaboration. 






Dynamically capture team commitments and decisions.


TribeScribe is simple on the surface, but has everything you need to facilitate great meetings and get stuff done!


Simply add commitments as they relate to the agenda topics of the meeting.  In the commitment cards, you can add tags to describe and search on later, you can assign owners and dates and even manage completion activities by checking it off the card once it’s been completed.


Often the decisions that a team or group makes become the reasons for good or bad outcomes in projects, initiatives and business in general.  With TribeScribe, you can capture the voting records of attendees and decisions as a part of each agenda topic.  This will ensure that decisions are never lost again. Like commitments, the decision card enables you to assign tags that describe the decision and enable you to search on later.




Instantly capture and share meeting outcomes.

TribeScibe ensures that you no longer have to wait days or even weeks to send the outcomes of a meeting to your team or group, instead it happens instantly.  With the click of a button, the outcomes of your meeting is instantly sent to you and your attendee’s inbox.


In addition to instant publication of meeting outcomes, TribeScribe sends it directly to your email inbox – in an easy to read format – with all the commitments, decisions and attendance packed into the publication.


A_Publication_pg1 A_Publicatoin_pg2


As a team member on a project or an attendee to a group meeting it gets frustrating to receive meeting minutes in a word template that is clunky, action items in a separate spreadsheet or SharePoint list, and of course decisions never even get captured.  With TribeScribe this frustration is eliminated, which also removes one more excuse from taking action. Everything needed to get stuff done is delivered right to you – the moment a meeting concludes.



Business is about people. It’s about passion. It’s about bold ideas, bold small ideas or bold large ideas.” – Tom Peters

TribeScribe helps manage and understand the people we work with.

Drop the email threads, passing around clunky word documents and hand written notes for your meetings. Become one of the many people to fall in love with TribeScribe, and help to eliminate Meeting Suckiness today!

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