Ever found yourself muttering: I hate meetings…..Do something about it!

Ever found yourself muttering: I hate meetings…..Do something about it!

If you are anything like the rest of us you dread meetings.  You have to take time off from whatever deadline it is you struggling to meet and yet the hours wasted twiddling your thumbs are your problem; even as your boss rambles on and on about monthly goals, how many reams of paper your floor used, or blah blah blah.  For some reason it’s the meetings that make you want to get up and just walk out to try a new career as a street performing mime.

It’s hard to imagine what people did at these meetings ten or twenty years ago.  Do you think they wrote notes and passed them like we used to in elementary school?  At least now you can text your coworkers around the table to laugh at the fact that one of your colleagues forgot to zip his fly or tucked her expensive skirt into her pantyhose.  Other than these occasional laughs the only good thing about meetings is the free donuts that your loving boss so thoughtfully sent their assistant out to get for you.

It’s time to take a stand.  Be the one that forces everyone in your next meeting into absolute culture shock – take control.  Dominate the meeting by being prepared, focused and driven to accomplish something with a real purpose.  This sort of action will catapult you in the eyes of your peers, as well as garner respect from your superiors – it may also piss a few off!

Every one of us, in whatever level of the corporate mire we find ourselves, is required to attend these meetings.  Unless you are enjoy giving yourself paper cuts all over your hands and then making fresh squeezed lemonade you are among the army of meeting haters.  Let’s rise up and see what the future can hold.

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I hate meetings



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