TribeScribe New Feature Release – Individual Meeting Analytics Part 1

TribeScribe New Feature Release – Individual Meeting Analytics Part 1

Meeting Analytics

EPIC UPDATE — The Meeting Analytics Launch!!!

You are going want to see this. In addition to using TribeScribe to facilitate and manage really great meetings, now you can collect and monitor the attendance percentage for the people you rely on to engage in your meetings.



One of the hardest problems to solve as a meeting owner is managing and enforcing the engagement of others. The thing that suffers most, in this conundrum, is maintaining the attendance of the right people to your meetings enough to get things done. Sometimes poor attendance and engagement is driven by the reality that a meeting might not actually be necessary, but a lot of the time it is due to the cultural behavior that allows skipping or showing up late to meetings – in fact not only is it viewed as acceptable, in some cases certain employee or colleague’s perceived value increases due to the prevailing thought that this individual must be so important and busy that they simply can’t be on time or attend. This perception – 9 times out of 10 – is a bunch of $#%@!!!

TribeScribe’s latest feature release begins to reshape that behavior by providing transparency into the behavior, and more importantly, exactly who is demonstrating that behavior over time.  In the example screen shot above, we can see that Dawna and Dewey habitually don’t come to any meeting.  If I’m a project manager or department manager trying to get things done, and I’m constantly being held up by not having Dawna or Dewey engaged, this single chart now gives me all the firepower I need to go have a conversation directly with them, their direct manager or higher if it escalates to that point.


If this is something that you find valuable and think others will as well, forward this post to them and help spread the word about TribeScribe!

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In addition, we have few more highlights in our FIRST EVER analytics feature release that we’ve listed below:

— Know your top and bottom performers at a glance

— Filter your meetings analytics – daily, weekly, monthly

— See your aggregated overall meeting attendance

— Color coded bar graph that shows attendees name and percentage

— Convenient slide bar that allows you scroll through your graphs with ease

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What else is new?

We have received outstanding feedback and improvement opportunities from our rapidly growing user base and although we have a ton of things to unleash over the next three months, we have a few really important changes that will provide a better user experience for those that have been engaging with TribeScribe.  Before this latest feature release, you could not edit contacts without deleting it and re-submitting. Frustrating, right? Now, you can edit contacts directly from your contact manager without deleting contacts, refreshing the page, or re-signing in.  In addition, you can now reset your password in case you have forgotten or need to change it.  There are actually over 20 additional changes, tweaks or enhancements that will also be released this month, but these are two we felt you should know and hear about from us.  Below is a screen shot of both the password reset and the contact edit links:

Password Reset


Edit Contacts



Emails to your attendees (post meeting) from TribeScribe may go to their spam due to a change in servers during recent infrastructure upgrade.  If you notice that you haven’t received the ‘Meetings Outcomes’ publication for a meeting, it is likely your team did not either, so you might want to send a reminder to check and removed from the spam folder

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What can YOU expect from us next?

Full Outlook integration is coming. You might ask: What does this mean for me? Well, once released you will be able to easily pass and manage your TribeScribe contacts directly from your outlook calendar — meaning, setup a meeting in outlook and it will auto populate in TribeScribe. With this new feature, there will be a seamless integration between your calendar and TribeScribe which will enable you to drop meeting agendas into your meeting invites directly while setting up new meetings in outlook.  This is huge, because now you will have an easy way to share your meeting agenda directly when you send the invite. This provides a heads up for people to know and prepare for the meeting ahead of time!

Much more to come on this next month.


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