Don’t let meeting inefficiency suck the life out of you or your organization!

Quite often in organizations with an entrenched hierarchy and a turf-conscious middle management, meetings become an important part of the organizational culture. There is an underlying struggle for power and influence over the organization’s policies, vision and future. Some people actually put on their “game-face” in meetings, knowing that meetings can be serious business. There […]

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I hate meetings — not…..I hate bad meetings!

I hate meetings. You hate meetings. We all hate meetings. Right? Actually, wrong. I really don’t hate meetings, at least not all meetings. Sure, I’ve been to my fair share of agonizing please-shoot-me-before-I-die timewasters, but don’t hate the meeting. It’s not to blame. Meetings get a bad rap because the people leading them are unfocused, […]

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